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Thaddeus Stevens

Tuesday, September 1, 2015



An important part of Thaddeus Stevens College’s mission is to prepare our students for success in the workforce upon graduation.  In order to provide a professional and safe atmosphere for our students to learn and prepare for success in the work force, the following dress code will be applied.

In preparing this code, four factors are taken into account: safety, health, sanitation, and consideration of fellow students, faculty and staff.

In general, the following dress code applies:

No head gear, hats, hoodies or covered heads inside of classrooms, with the exception of religious caps and garments, and for approved medical conditions.

No headphones or ear buds are allowed in the class rooms

No sweatpants, tank tops or pajamas in the class rooms

No pants or outer garments displaying excessive holes or skin

No undergarments showing or displayed as part of outer garments

No clothing displaying vulgar or offensive languages or images

Additional guidance is provided based on the four factors above:

1.            In Lab Areas:  Conform to all safety standards as determined by the individual major such as the wearing of safety glasses, long pants, steel toed boots, etc.  Program instructors may approve the wear of various head gear described above if it is appropriate based on the required task and weather conditions.  In addition, earphones and ear buds may be used in lab areas based on individual instructor permission, consistent with the work environment affiliated with the program of study.

2.            In Dining Areas:  In addition to above, appropriate attire, be neat, well groomed, no athletic gear, cut-off clothing, or shower clogs.

3.            Off Campus (Field trips, athletic trips, work, etc.):  Appropriate for the season and occasion, and or as specified by the College personnel in charge.

4.            Programs of study are authorized to develop additional dress codes that support their program of study such as the wear of professional or distinctive clothing that mirror the future graduate work force environment.

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