Thaddeus Stevens

Thaddeus Stevens

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr. Bigler's Searching Project

If I was looking for information on what my job is going to be like, I would start by looking for what jobs are out there. I could do this with the websites on the right or something like

Using the buzz words of the trade, I could Google search for other things. Knowing what COMPANIES are excellent will tell me who knows what's what. They'll also teach me before, during, and after the classes that I sit through.

In addition, by looking at jobs, I'll know what SKILLS and LICENSES that I will need for them. Without a license, you may not be hirable. Really.

Nevertheless, if I'm not interested in what I'm reading about, I might find that I want to be an X not a Y. It's better to know now before you waste a few weeks, months, or years in training and find that the job just wasn't what you thought it was. Besides, that's why Mr. Bigler gets you into labs early - real life experience that you have with a job is everything.

That said, some of the best websites for each field are the ASSOCIATIONS and ORGANIZATIONS of the trade. I'm not here to get you into one or not into one, but TRADE UNIONS are great for telling people what's current in TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS and POLITICAL + SAFETY concerns regarding the field today.

Most students really want to be in the up and coming jobs, and I don't blame them. We're going forward in history - not backward. Thus, you might want to look for all things GREEN. This doesn't mean that you do or don't have to believe in global warming, but a lot of people who are building do believe in this. In addition, the government pays for environmentally-friendly rennovations in tax incentives.

Mr. Bigler is all about TOOLS of the trade. He is a contractor and a professional teacher at Thaddeus Stevens for many years now. He knows what people need, and the ability to own and use tools will make or break your days on the job.

Finally, CODES and REGULATIONS guide all of the things that we do in the field of technology. The government will expect that we're complying with laws and standards. Our professional organizations will make sure that our ethics and workmanship are equal to those people that we work beside. Really. There are no Lone Rangers.

Finally, going to You Tube for HOW TO VIDEOS makes learning and trades come alive. Really.

This project may seem difficult, but this project is essential to being the kind of employee that Thaddeus Stevens is training to be successful in the 21st century job world.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Prior to being a math tutor at Thaddeus Stevens, Bethany Herr grew up in Lancaster County and graduated from Donegal High School.  Afterward, she attended York College of Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education.  During her last semester of college, she began  her experience in the classroom when she student taught 8th Grade Mathematics/Algebra in Morganton, North Carolina.  Many people from Pennsylvania may not be familiar with this location, but Brittany was intrigued by her experiences with the southern culture and the ability to live in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. 
Following graduation, she worked as a high school geometry teacher at Garinger High School in Charlotte, NC.  This past summer, she returned to Pennsylvania to work on her master’s degree in Mathematics Education at Millersville University. 
Beyond working and studying, Bethany loves to travel around the United States and internationally.  Her most memorable trip was to Egypt in 2010, where she spent several weeks exploring the country and interacting with the people living there.  Highlights of the trip included climbing inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and completing a night hike to the top of Mt. Sinai.  Beyond travelling, Bethany enjoys kayaking, backpacking, and spending time outside.  This past summer, she spent a week hiking the Rocky Mountain National Forest.   
She looks forward to seeing everyone in the math lab this fall semester! J